10th International Water Conference 2025


As a pioneer in promoting water justice and indigenous rights to rivers, ActionAid Bangladesh (AAB) is organizing the 10th International Water Conference 2025 titled ‘Geopolitics of Water and Oceanic Futures.’ The conference will take place in January 2025, building upon the previous nine International Water Conferences organized since 2016. Dates: January 2025 Modality: Hybrid; in-person in Bangladesh with online joining options Background The country’s complex and fundamental relationship with water streams provides AAB with a uniquely comprehensive understanding of the matter, which leads to recognise the importance of focusing this year’s conference’s discourse on ‘Geopolitics of Water and Oceanic Futures. Challenges and solutions related to this topic are not, in fact, limited to the national or regional contexts, but extend to all over the world. It is, therefore, by scaling up the reach of these conversations that AAB wishes to engage regionally and internationally, exploring a diverse range of topics and involving diverse voices. AAB aims to lead this conversation by providing a platform through the International Water Conference for youth, researchers, academicians, water practitioners, and river experts to identify and spread breakthrough ideas critical to addressing water-related concerns. Guidelines Abstract of the research paper - It should be on research you have conducted that is relevant to any of the above themes - The file should not be more than 350 Words (max) - Mention the author’s name and affiliation during the submission Innovative Idea - The innovative idea proposed should be related to the themes mentioned above - The idea can be a rough drawing, photo story, mind map, model, poster or anything that represents you and your creativity - If you submit an illustration, please make sure there is 100-200 words brief outlining the idea behind it. To Register and Submit the Idea/Abstract Link:  https://forms.gle/TDtHMZFQZbWn67Uz7 For queries please contact: Tanzia.Anjum@actionaid.org

January 5, 2025
January 12, 2025
9:00 am
6:00 pm
Hybrid; in-person in Bangladesh with online joining options
Action Aid Bangladesh

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