Meet the 2023 LLA Champions: Winners of the 2023 GCA Local Adaptation Champions Award


Winners of the 2023 Local Adaptation Champions Awards, including members of the community, will present their triumphs and challenges at the fourth Gobeshona Global Conference. The 2022 winners will then join them in a conversation on what it takes to be LLA Champions, and the benefits of winning the Award. The GCA’s Local Adaptation Champions Awards highlight pioneering work by local adaptation practitioners, including on the Global Hub on LLA. The 2023 winners include:

  • The Pastoral Women’s Council, winners in the Women in Leadership category, for empowering Indigenous pastoralist women in northern Tanzania.
  • Espacio de Encuentro de las Culturas Originarias, A.C., winners in the Capacity Building category, for engaging communities in the development and implementation of ecotechnologies such as dry toilets, energy-saving stoves, fog catchers, and vegetable patch irrigation systems in Oaxaca, Mexico.
  • Aumsat Technologies LLP, Business Adaptation Solutions category, for a technology that uses satellite-based radar analytics to pinpoint underground water sources and optimal locations for groundwater recharge sites in India.
  • The Local Government Initiative on Climate Change in the Innovation in Devolving Finance category, for innovation in supporting local communities to help get finance for local adaptation actions.

March 4, 2024
March 4, 2024
7:00 pm
8:00 pm
Global Center for Adaptation (GCA)

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