Situation Report (SitRep) Cyclone REMAL- CCDB Emergency Unit


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Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh (CCDB)



Location: Dhaka; Report # 02 May 28; BST 1700

1. Situation Overview on Cyclone REMAL Tropical Cyclone REMAL struck the coastal region at midnight with wind speeds reaching 130 km/h. The centre of the cyclone made landfall between Khepupara in Patuakhali and Sagor Island of West Bengal, with Bangladesh bearing the brunt on the eastern side of the cyclone. So far, a total of 11 people reported death and more than 30000 houses have been devastated due to the cyclone hit. Over 800,000 people were evacuated to 9,000 safe shelters across 16 districts. The cyclone caused a tidal surge of up to 12 feet and heavy rainfall, leading to significant damage, particularly for those living outside the embankments. Almost all coastal districts are experiencing heavy rain and gusty winds. Authorities have closed three seaports and airports in the coastal districts. Electric poles and trees have been uprooted in some areas. This report outlines the immediate impact, response efforts, and current situation in the affected regions supported by CCDB’s Projects.

  • Publication date : 28th May, 2024
  • Publisher: CCDB
  • Author(s): Md. Abdur Rahman
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