Socioeconomic crisis and rehabilitation reality for climate displaced people in the Southeastern coast of Bangladesh

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Climate change-induced disasters are the socioeconomic and cultural concerns in Bangladesh. As a consequence, vast of coastal people has
been displaced from their origin. The main aim of this study is to explore the socioeconomic crisis of climate-induced displacement people in
the coastal Bangladesh. Results showed that the relationship socioeconomic conditions of displaced people in the pre- and post-displacement
situations was signifcant, while the source of drinking water and health-care facilities was non-signifcant. Apparently, socioeconomic
condition of the displaced people were completely change as low level in the present living place compare to origin area. After displacement,
they were losing their identity, social, and cultural harmony and face social, cultural, political, and environmental crisis. Therefore, to ensure
civilian rights, strengthening the climate change-related laws, rules, and policies “community based resettlement program” will accelerate the
sustainable management of displacement issue and ensure good governance at everywhere in Bangladesh

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