Rethinking Our Common Future: Perspectives on Climate Adaptation, Resilience and Justice


On the eve of the Commonwealth Day 2022 centred around the theme ‘Delivering a Common Future’ for Commonwealth countries in innovating, connecting, and transforming to tackle the climate change, promoting good governance, and boosting trade.
Bangladesh Youth Environmental Initiative (BYEI) in partnership with the British High Commission (BHC) in Dhaka and the Commonwealth Secretariat in London will organize a dialogue on Rethinking Our Common Future: Perspectives on Climate Adaptation, Resilience and Justice on 14th March 2022 7:00 pm (GMT+6). This dialogue will take serious look on the implication of the Glasgow Pact on the climate resilience and adaptation of Bangladesh, rethinking the climate adaptation and resilience approaches and highlight the blind spots in addressing social and economic justice for the marginalized population. Through this dialogue we hope to shape the priorities and rethinking of the Government of Bangladesh to tackling the climate change. Moreover, highlight the potential areas of focus that needs to bring into the centre stage for the upcoming
A highly distinguished panel of speakers will be joining the webinar
Mr. Risalat Khan, Senior Campaigner, Avaaz will share the latest insights from the IPCC 6th Assessment report in the session “State of the Health of Our Planet: Breach in Our Planetary Boundaries”
Dr. Camelia Dewan, Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Oslo University and the author of Misreading the Bengal Delta will shed light on the critical debates regarding the current approaches on climate adaptation in her session Rethinking Our Approaches to Climate Adaptation and Resilience.
Mr. Enamul Mazid Khan Siddique, Interim Country Director and Head of Climate Justice and Natural Resource Rights of Oxfam Bangladesh will bring the perspective on why justice matters in climate action from his field experience and the true picture of exclusions, economic and social injustice that continue to linger and exacerbated by the climate impacts in his session ‘Justice Matters in Climate Action: Is development interventions delivering justice to the most vulnerable and marginalized?
The webinar will be also graced by H.E. Mr. Md Abul Kalam Azad Special Envoy, Climate Vulnerable Forum – Bangladesh Presidency, Special Guests Dr. Nomita Halder, Managing Director, PKSF.
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March 14, 2022
March 14, 2022
7:00 pm
9:00 pm
Online, via Zoom
Bangladesh Youth Environmental Initiative (BYEI)

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