Volumetric Water Benefit Accounting (VWBA)


Conceptual and hands-on training on the software tool by WLF

(For NGO staff and water sector professionals implementing CSR projects) Water conservation, recharge and supplyaugmentation interventions are ultimately expected to improve the access to water of target communities, by augmenting supplies, conserving the resource and avoiding wastage. While the social, economic and environmental benefits of the above benign interventions are the desired ‘ends’, the immediate and measurable ‘benefits’, such as, volume of - rain water converted as surface storage water run-off prevented rain water recharged to groundwater water supplies augmented water wastage avoided, are the ‘milestones’ which indicate that the planned interventions are on right path towards the ‘ends.’ Volumetric Water Benefit Accounting (VWBA) is a framework that facilitates quantification of such ‘volumetric water benefits.’ The VWBA has become the de-facto approach for assessing the water benefits of CSR projects in recent years. This training event, not only covers the concepts and application of VWBA, but also provides an MS Excel-based software tool for the rapid quantification of VWBs. The training course is expected to strengthen the hands of many NGOs implementing water conservation CSR projects in India. Details of the Event Mode of Training Event ONLINE --- Duration and Date(s) 24-26 Aug 2022 (3 days) (daily 14.30–17.00 hrs IST) Medium : English --- Registration link: https://forms.gle/V7X3B2hZyVqMjqRm8 (Web meeting link will be shared to registered participants later) --- Last date for registration 15 Aug 2022 ___ Registration Contribution per participant: Rs.1,000 Bank details for payment are provided in the registration link above    

August 24, 2022
August 26, 2022
2:30 pm
5:00 pm
India, Online
Water and Livelihoods Foundation (WLF)

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