Youth Symposium 2022: HOT AND BOTHERED


The Youth Symposium is the annual gathering of advisors, mediators, staff and core audiences of Science Gallery.

HOT AND BOTHERED is a free, four-day event from 14-17th July 2022 across time zones that brings together young people across the globe to connect, exchange ideas and share knowledge to foster action for climate justice. We see climate change for what it is: a crisis. But the event aims to create a hopeful and joyful space where young people can become change agents to reduce climate doom and generate alternative narratives. Grounded in intersectionality, HOT AND BOTHERED celebrates the diversity of young people in their identities and their approaches to climate action.

Free and open to everyone. Register here.

While it can be painted as distracting and futile, we want to foster joy in action for environmental justice, as we believe the sharing of enjoyment has a remarkable impact on movement building and activism work. Science Gallery locations and young people will deliver a programme of performances, workshops, discussions and games to discuss indigenous climate knowledges, understand the power of data visualisation, co-create activist manifestos, share climate emotions, build youth agency, and more.

Register now to join artists, scientists, designers, activists, environmental educators, and performers in this global event. HOT AND BOTHERED is Science Gallery's annual Youth Symposium event for 2022. Past events have focused on boredom, trust and co-creation — this year, join a global event with a passion for saving the environment.

July 14, 2022
July 17, 2022
1:00 pm
10:30 pm
Online, via Zoom
Science Gallery Network

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