Adaptation Benefit Mechanism (ABM)


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The Adaptation Benefit Mechanism (ABM) is a new initiative of the AfDB. By March 2018, the ABM was still in a start-up phase. It is designed as a non-market mechanism, aimed at setting price signals that serve as incentives to drive equity and technology into projects that make households, communities and economies more climate resilient. Funding in this initial phase has been provided by the Climate Investment Fund (CIF)

Eligibility to Receive Funding

Not yet known but likely open to the public and the private sector

Regional Focus: Africa

Sector Focus

Still to be decided. Proposed pilots are:

  • Ethanol cook-stoves in Kenya;
  • Village water communities in Uganda; • Climate-adapted housing in Nigeria;
  • Solar water pumps in Ethiopia.

Funding Conditions :Not yet known

Application Procedure: Not yet known


African Development Bank Group

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Mr. Gareth Phillips

Chief Climate & Green Growth Officer Website:

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