Climate Change Fund (CCF)


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The Climate Change Fund (CCF) is a special fund established by the ADB in 2008. The CCF aims to support low-carbon and climate resilient development in ADB developing member countries. The CIF provides grants to investments, loans, and technical assistance. Funding decisions are made by a Climate Change Steering Committee.

The CCF is mainly sourced with ADB capital resources amounting to approximately USD 74 million. As of October 31st 2017, USD 60.4 million had been allocated to 86 projects (38 on clean energy, 38 on adaptation, 9 on REDD+ and land use, and one on climate finance readiness).

Eligibility to Receive Funding: ADB developing member countries are eligible

Regional Focus: Asia-Pacific

Sector Focus

CCF focuses on four areas:

  • Clean energy, sustainable transportation and low-carbon urban development;
  • Reduced emissions from deforestation and land degradation, and improved land management;
  • Adaptation;
  • Climate finance readiness.

Funding Conditions: Mainly grants

Application Procedure

Applications are to be submitted through the ADB departments to the CCF secretariat. Applications are forwarded to the issue-specific working group (e.g. adaptation) of the Climate Change Steering

Committee. Annual application deadlines are 31st January, 31st March, 31st July, 30th September and 30th November.


Asian Development Bank

Headquarters: 6 ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong City

1550 , Metro Manila, Philippines

Tel: +63 2 6324444

Website: climate-change-fund


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