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ClimateWorks was established in 2008 as a US-based charity, aimed at responding to the challenge of climate change. Climate Works is headquartered in San Francisco and is formed by a team of researchers, grant-makers, strategists and reputational “climate personalities”, such as the board member and former UNFCCC Secretary General, Christiana Figueres. Core funders are

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the

KR Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, the Oak Foundation, and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.

Apart from providing finance, the Climate Works Foundation provides climate services to partners and funders including, climate data analysis, general picture analysis, the identification of opportunities for emission reductions and other services.

ClimateWorks provides funding either directly or indirectly, through regional networking partners. The list of regional partners can be found online.

Eligibility to Receive Funding

Organisations and initiatives that are working to solve the climate crisis and that are in line with the goals of the ClimateWorks portfolio. The current list of grantees can be found on the ClimateWorks website.

Regional Focus: World-wide

Sector Focus

ClimateWorks has the following portfolio focus for grants:

  • Cross-cutting initiatives;
  • Clean power;
  • Oil (transportation sector);
  • Energy efficiency;
  • Forests and land use; • Non-CO2 emissions.

Funding Conditions: Grants

Application Procedure

ECF does not accept unsolicited proposals but works with partners to identify possible funding opportunities. Information on grant-making can be found on the website.


ClimateWorks Foundation 235 Montgomery Street San Francisco, CA 94104, U.S.

Website: Contact form: contact-us/

Assessment of relevance for ACT Alliance:

Relevant for ACT members and partners.

European Climate Foundation (ECF)

Background and Funding Sources

The European Climate Foundation (ECF) was established in 2008, as a “foundation of foundations”. Today, many climate-active foundations serve as back-donors (e.g. Bloomberg Philanthropies, ClimateWorks, Oak Foundation,

KR Foundation, and the Mary Robinson Foundation-Climate Justice). ECF aims to help to foster the development of a low-carbon society, particularly in Europe.

ECF is headquartered in The Hague, and has offices in Berlin, Brussels, London, Paris, and Warsaw.

Eligibility to Receive Funding

The ECF primarily funds European initiatives and the projects of think-tanks and NGOs in Europe, that are in line with the vision, thematic focus and strategy of the Foundation. An illustrative selection of grantees can be found online.

Regional Focus: Europe

Sector Focus

The ECF follows the principle of co-developing strategies together with partners and stakeholders.

The main thematic areas are:

  • Sector initiatives on energy efficiency, power, and transport;
  • Cross-cutting initiatives on the European Energy Union, externalities, finance and economics, governance and innovation;
  • Regional initiatives of the EU, Germany, UK, Poland, France and internationally.

Funding Conditions: Grants

Application Procedure

The ECF does not accept unsolicited proposals but works with partners to identify possible funding opportunities. Information on grants can be found online.86


European Climate Foundation

The Hague

Riviervismarkt 5

2513 AM Den Haag

The Netherlands

Tel: +31 70 711 96 00



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