Diakonia Sweden


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Diakonia Sweden is the faith-based development and humanitarian relief organisation of two Swedish Churches, working with approximately 400 partners in 30 countries. Diakonia’s vision is a world where all people live in dignified circumstances in a just and sustainable world, free from poverty. Diakonia follows a strategy of change and a human rights-based approach.

It provides advocacy, capacity-building and  Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) financial long-term support. Criteria to become a partner can be found on the website. Norwegian Church Aid is an ecumenical diaconal organisation working for global justice. NCA

Contact provides humanitarian assistance for disasters Diakonia Sweden and engages in long-term development work in P.O. Box 14038   local communities and in advocacy. NCA works in SE-16714 Bromma 30 countries and on six thematic issues including

Sweden  on climate resilience. The contact details for the various regions can be found online.

Tel: +46 5453 6800

Email: diakonia@diakonia.se

Website: https://www.diakonia.se/en


Norwegian Church Aid

St. Olavs Plass, 0130 Oslo, Norway

Tel: +47 22 09 27 00

Email: NCA-oslo@nco.no

Website: https://www.kirkensnodhjelp.no/en/

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