Global Climate Resilience Partnership (GCRP)


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The Global Climate Resilience Partnership (GCRP) was established in 2014, and aims to foster climate resilience in particularly climate vulnerable countries and regions. The initial pledge of USD 150 million was made by the Rockefeller Foundation, USAID, and the Swedish Development Cooperation (Sida).

GCRP launches “challenges” and organisations can apply to be awarded and supported with up to USD 1 million per project. The most recent challenge was on resilience to flooding. GCRP is interested to support innovative and peoplecentred projects that can serve as good practice examples, with the potential to be scaled-up. GCRP intends to align humanitarian and development work, to create synergies, provide knowledge, and catalyse new alliances.

Eligibility to Receive Funding

Governmental and non-governmental entities, including academia and NGOs. The list of recently awarded projects on resilience-building in floodprone areas can be found online.

Regional Focus: Focal regions are regions with high resilience needs, including those in Africa, South and Southeast Asia. The list of supported projects can be found online.

Sector Focus

For challenges, or calls, specific priorities are defined. Conceptually, GCRP seeks to combine four elements that should be reflected in project applications:

  • Diagnose problems: Key institutions and stakeholders lead ongoing investigations of problem identification, using data and predictive methods;
  • Develop Solutions: Resilience Partnership will channel resources to incubate, accelerate, and scale effective solutions;
  • Motivate Collaboration: Mobilise support to address priority problems and work across sectors and silos;
  • Learn and Share: Develop networks and systems to amplify resilience solutions beyond the Resilience Partnership, sustaining change in policy and practice.

Funding Conditions: Grants

Application Procedure

Applicants undergo a step-by-step process, in response to a call from the GCRP. In a first step, diverse, cross-sector teams are called to submit proposals that demonstrate an ability to think creatively about how to tackle barriers to resilience in focal regions. In a second step, selected teams will be supported to further develop their concepts into bold, innovative and scalable solutions. And in the third and final stage, teams who have built the most promising solutions will receive initial funding of up to USD 1 million to implement their proposal.


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