International Climate Initiative (IKI)


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IKI was established in 2008 by the German Federal Ministry of the Environment. IKI aims to finance climate and biodiversity projects in developing and newly industrializing countries, as well as in countries in transition. In the first few years, the initiative was sourced through the proceeds made by auctioning allowances under the emissions trading scheme. To ensure financial continuity, additional funds were made available through the Special Energy and Climate Fund. IKI allocated grants of approximately € 200 million per year.

Eligibility to Receive Funding

Organisations and initiatives in Germany and abroad. The list of supported projects can be found online.

Regional Focus: IKI works globally but defines key countries and regions for each sector with regards to the consolidation of the existing IKI portfolio in both thematic and regional terms. The 2017 list of focal countries can be found online.

Sector Focus

IKI funds projects from the following thematic areas:

  • Mitigation of GHG emissions, particularly in countries with a high potential for greenhouse gas reduction, e.g. newly industrialising and middle-income countries;
  • Adaptation to the impacts of climate change, especially in vulnerable countries and regions;
  • Conserving carbon sinks with a focus on REDD+, especially in countries and regions that are particularly inclined to work on carbon storage and biodiversity;
  • Conserving biological diversity, particularly in countries and regions with a rich biodiversity and/or visible commitment under the Convention on Biological Diversity.

Funding Conditions: Grants

Application Procedure

All information on the application procedure and timelines can be found online.


International Climate Initiative Programme Office

Potsdamer Platz 10

10785 Berlin, Germany


Tel. +49 (0)30 338 424 – 218

Fax +49 (0)30 338 424 – 302 Website:


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