Southern Africa Trust


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The Southern Africa Trust was established in 2005 to support civil society organisations in Southern Africa to participate effectively and with credibility in policy dialogues so that the voices of the poor can have a better impact in the development of public policies. The Trust is mandated to support the reduction of poverty and inequality, to foster human rights, stakeholder engagement, human and economic development, research, training, and capacity building. By March 2018, the Trust has supported 173 organisations with 302 grants, worth USD 18.9 million. Important backdonors are DFID, Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, IREX, OXFAM, Open Society Initiative South Africa, and Trust Africa.

Eligibility to Receive Funding

Civil society organisations are eligible. The list of supported projects is available online.

Regional Focus: Southern African region

Sector Focus

The main thematic areas are:

  • Poverty, inequality & unemployment;
  • African philanthropy;
  • Human development;
  • Civil society capability;
  • Migration and social protection;
  • Trade and industrialization;
  • Climate change and low carbon development can play a role in each of these thematic areas.

Funding Conditions: Grants

Application Procedure

The grant policy and the application form can be found online.


Southern Africa Trust

45  Kyalami Business Park

Kyalami, 1684, South Africa

Tel. +27 11 318 1012



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