CCDB arranged a ToT on Disaster Management, WDMC operational procedure and Beneficiary & IGA selection process

  • Author(s): CCDB Climate Change Program

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Giving TOT to project front liners is vital to make them efficient as they are the most important change-makers of society through implementing any development program or Project. A three-day training was arranged from 7th May to 9 May 2023 at CCDB Hope Center to achieve this goal.
The training was planned to make the whole STEP & Building Project’s Program Staff (Incl. all partners) in active facilitation roles on the WDMC rollout for building a climate-induced disaster-resilient society through the whole society approach.
The modules included Disaster Management Issues, Basic Climate Change Adaptation, Mitigation and Resilience, Facilitating WDMC in people organization approach, WDMCs Change structure and roles by Community Climate Resilience approach (CCRC), AIGA selection procedure, process and staffs facilitation skills demonstration, Result Based Management (RBM) Approaches covering RBM principal, RBM Process, Implementation, and Facilitation Challenges and overcome Strategies.
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