Bridging Climate Policies towards the National Adaptation Plan (NAP)


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The policy brief titled “Bridging Climate Policies towards the National Adaptation Plan (NAP)” reviews the existing climate change related policies and plans of Bangladesh in connection to climate change adaptation. Based on the achievements and lessons learnt from the existing policies, the paper discusses a number of steps where CCDB used the lens of community based adaptation along with focusing on creating synergy with other plans and policies, gender–responsiveness, capacity building, institutional coordination and monitoring & evaluation to formulate a comprehensive NAP. We expect that this study will better inform all concerned actors making their voices heard in the process of formulating the NAP and in the revision of other relevant policies.

  • Publication date : 1st July, 2021
  • Data Collection Period: 2020-2021
  • Publisher: Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh (CCDB)
  • Author(s): Mousumi Halder & Mohammad Mahmodul Hasan
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