Climate Change and Bangladesh: Policy and Institutional Development to reduce vulnerability


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Bangladesh is predicted to be adversely affected by climate change and climate
variability. A number of climate induced hazards are already affecting many people
especially in the coastal zone, low-lying areas and north-west part of the country. The
government has taken a number of policy and institutional initiatives to adapt with the
impacts of climate change. About 300 Million USD has been allocated for three year
(June 2009-June 2012) to implement adaptation and mitigation actions recommended by
Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan (BCCSAP). Climate Change Unit
(CCU) has been established to strengthen coordination and management of the
government funded adaptation and mitigation projects related to climate change. A
balanced climate investment and adaptation measures need to be ensured to reduce
vulnerability of the most vulnerable groups or population.

  • Publisher: ResearchGate
  • Author(s): Saleemul Huq and Golam Rabbani
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