Community Based Forest Management in Yen Na Commune, Tuong Duong District, Nghe An Province


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The Community-Based Forest Management (CBFM) model has existed for a long time in ethnic minority communities in remote areas in Vietnam (Vien 2014). However, this model has recently been officially recognised thanks to the amended land law 2003 and Forest Protection and Development Law 2004 (Tinh & Nghi 2014).These legal documents allow allocation of land and forest to local communities. In addition, the CBFM model has been tested and developed by various projects (Wode & Bao Huy 2009).

To support the development and upscaling of the CBFM model, the Vietnam Forests and Deltas programme, which is funded by USAID, has developed technical guidance on the development and implementation of the CBFM model.This document is designed for project staff and local staff, i.e. those that directly support the development of the CBFM model. It is a reference source; the application in practice can be adjusted depending on the traditional culture, customs and the other conditions in each location.

This is the first draft of this technical guidance document. This draft must be further developed, finalised and shared with stakeholders to effectively implement the CBFM model.

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