Financing inclusive low-carbon resilient development Role of Central Bank of Bangladesh and Infrastructure Development Company Limited


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Low-carbon resilient development (LCRD) integrates developing countries’ responses to the combined challenges of mitigation, adaptation and sustainable development. In Bangladesh, where around two fifths of the population is ‘off grid’, LCRD is the agenda behind policies aimed at widening access to energy. Government targets include “electricity for all by 2021”and the generation of 10 per cent of electricity from
renewables by 2030.

In this report we present case studies of two financial entities that channel funds to implement these policies: Central Bank of Bangladesh and Infrastructure Development Company Ltd (IDCOL). Taking a comparative approach, we examine the choices these two institutions make in harnessing integrated sources, in identifying intermediaries that prioritise getting funds to the poor and deploying instruments and financial systems that can be targeted to the needs of the most vulnerable.

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  • Publisher: Jointly published by IIED and ICCCAD
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  • Author(s): Neha Rai, Asif Iqbal, Antara Zareen, Tasfiq Mahmood, Maliha Muzammil, Saqib Huq, Noor Elahi
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