Guiding Principles & Lessons Learnt For a Just Energy Transition in the Global South


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The study provides an overview of the different just transition, energy transformation and climate justice discourses of the previous years and how they are ultimately reflected in the Paris Agreement . It shows how they overlap in terms of transition narratives and policy demands. The shared value base could serve as a starting point for building alliances, which are necessary to make just transition become a reality.

A set of eight just energy transition processes, which go beyond an abstract call for justice. They cover the climate, socio-economic and political dimensions in a balanced way to reflect the legitimate justice claims of a broad range of potential allies for a just energy transition alliance. Each principle is associated with indicators, and a formula is used to attach a final score, to assess a country’s level of justice in the energy trasition.

Th approach is applied as a reference framework for twelve coutires of the Global South. Their scores show that justice concerns are gaining traction in the energy transition. However, there remains a great deal of room for improvement and countries have a lot to learn from each other.

  • Publisher: The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES)
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