Handbook for Saline soil management

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Soil salinization presents a serious challenge that requires co-ordination between countries that
share common water and land resources. International co-operation is also needed to attract and
manage investment into water and land resources. It should be emphasized that salinization is both
the cause and the result of other agricultural problems. Combating salinization should, together
with other measures for achieving the sustainable intensification of agriculture, be considered as a
basis for food security.
This handbook was prepared by authors from almost all the countries that are included in the
sub-regional Eurasian Soil Partnership together with representatives from leading scientific and
industrial organizations dealing with soil salinization. We hope that our work will be useful for
solving some of the important problems within the region and help with the implementation of
innovative technologies for the prevention of soil salinization and amelioration of salt-affected

  • Publisher: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • Website: https://www.researchgate.net
  • Author(s): Editors: R. Vargas, E.I. Pankova, S.A. Balyuk, P.V. Krasilnikov and G.M. Khasankhanova
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