KEY TERMS AND CONCEPTS: Climate Change, Adaptation, Resilience, Loss & Damage and Disaster


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Adaptation, resilience, and loss & damage in the face of climate change have emerged as essential topics in domestic and international discussions. This document attempts to identify and explain the fundamental terms and concepts used by the climate change community and other institutions in relation to climate change, adaptation, resilience, L&D, and disaster. By doing so, it seeks to foster a shared
understanding among diverse stakeholders, particularly frontline workers at the grassroots level.

The following concepts and terms have been documented from reports and publications of the IPCC, the UNFCCC, and other UN agencies. Some scientific literature, such as Science and Nature, as well as other academic articles, have been reviewed. The definitions are taken without editing from the sources. The sources of the concepts and terms are stated at the end of the paper.

  • Publication date : 16th October, 2023
  • Publisher: CCDB
  • Author(s): Muhammad Ramzan Ali, Research Officer, Climate Change Program, CCDB
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