Meaningful Measurement for Community-Based Adaptation

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Evidence indicates ongoing tensions over effective climate change adaptationmeasurement. Focusing on community-based adaptation (CBA), we stress thatsome of these tensions stem from a lack of transparency around the knowledgeand learning needs of different stakeholders engaged in CBA investments. Draw-ing on a participatory assessment of stakeholder information needs and appro-priate scales required for effective monitoring and evaluation (M&E) for CBA,this article presents a new M&E for CBA framework. The framework identi-fies four levels at which M&E is to be undertaken by CBA practitioners and associated project stakeholders: participatory M&E at community level; M&E at individual project level and comparison across multiple project sites; M&E of capacity of institutions implementing CBA; and M&E of community of prac-tice. The proposed framework tailors its M&E approaches according to theselevels. By moving beyond the existing dominant donor-driven M&E perspec-tive, we argue that this more nuanced approach enhances the usefulness of M&E by ensuring that the accountability of stakeholders engaged in CBA landscapes is legitimate across multiple scales. The framework is applicable for M&E of general development practice, as well as the climate change adaptation and re-silience remit.© 2015 Wiley Periodicals, Inc., and the American Evaluation

  • Publisher: The International Centre for Climate Change and Development
  • Author(s): Faulkner, L. Ayers, J. Huq, S
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