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Oxfam in Asia has a long track record of supporting vulnerable people to overcome the impacts of disasters, climatic variation and change and conflict. This has resulted in a rich array of different approaches towards building resilience across the countries in the region.
This strategy is part of the process of harnessing this rich variety of programmes towards an approach to resilience that is shared amongst all country programmes and affiliates in the region, in order to have a shared understanding of quality, focus and a platform for learning. It has been developed with participation from staff and partners of the 11 countries and 5 affiliates working in Asia.
The strategy is intended to support the work of all affiliates on resilience in Asia from 2015-2020. Whilst the concept of resilience is a broad one, the Strategy articulates the key components of what resilience means for Oxfam in Asia, and provides a degree of thematic focus. An accompanying ‘how to’ Companion Guide is intended to provide practical support to the design and implementation of projects that are coherent with the Strategy.

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