Republic of Congo Economic Update – Ninth Edition : Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Opportunities (English)


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This is the ninth edition of the Republic of Congo economic update. Each edition of this annual report presents an overview of the Republic of Congo (ROC) evolving macroeconomic position, followed by a detailed exploration of a specific topic. The first chapter of this year’s update presents recent economic developments, and macroeconomic outlook and risks. It also includes policy actions that could help strengthen fiscal and debt sustainability, contain inflation, including the rise in food prices driven by war in Ukraine, and prevent the resurgence of Coronavirus (COVID-19). The second chapter discusses the effects of climate change on the economy and people of the ROC. As Congo tries to implement a sustainable and inclusive economic recovery program, it is crucial to integrate the impact of climate change on the country’s development path. According to Africa’s Pulse (October 2021), despite being the lowest contributors to global carbon emissions, Sub-Saharan African countries are disproportionately affected by climate change. The social and economic disruptions of climate shocks are wide ranging and can multiply quickly with intergenerational consequences. Congo is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change in the world, which calls for urgent government action. This report proposes possible adaptation measures, with a focus on the agriculture sector given the sector’s vulnerability to climate change, its critical role for food security and economic diversification, and its relevance in the new National development plan 2022-2026. Furthermore, the challenges and opportunities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions are also discussed.

  • Publication date : 18th January, 2023
  • Publisher: The World Bank
  • Website:
  • Author(s): Tsoungui Belinga,Vincent De Paul Youbi,Marilyne Florence Mafoboue Maleki,David Markandya,Anil Ossouna,Dukken Gaphi
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