Synthesis: A Future for Bangladesh Under a Changing Climate


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Due to its geophysical and socioeconomic characteristics, Bangladesh is particularly vulnerable to the harmful impacts of climate change. The contributors to this volume generally agree that climate projects should prioritize reducing exposure to loss and damage for the most at-risk populations, infrastructure, and assets. These include women, migrants, and the landless poor, whom would benefit from local-level projects that address their specific vulnerabilities. There are also a range of aspects, such as more robust monitoring, reporting, and evaluation, which require additional government commitment and policy integration. Confronting climate change will need to be continually responsive and adaptive to somewhat unpredictable future circumstances. With its experience and knowledge, Bangladesh has an important role to play as an example to the rest of the developing world.

  • Author(s): Jeffrey Chow, Adrian Fenton, Saleemul Huq, Clare Stott, Julia Taub and Helena Wright
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