Value Chains for Nutrition in South Asia: Who Delivers, How, and to Whom?


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There is currently much talk of the private sector role in nutrition, and whether the state can better ‘shape’ the market to deliver nutritional outcomes. This article introduces an issue of the IDS Bulletin which presents research findings in this area developed by the consortium of research partners under the Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia (LANSA) programme. It is the first attempt at nutrition-oriented whole value chain research in South Asia, studying the supply and demand side of the agri-food chain. It explores existing (or potential) agri-food value chain pathways to deliver nutritious foods to vulnerable populations in South Asia, as well as the role that both public and private actors have, in enhancing these value chains. It provides evidence on what is working and what is not; policy recommendations for the role and use of market-based interventions for nutrition-related challenges; and suggests a new agenda for research.

  • Publisher: IDS Bulletin, Institute of Development Studies
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