Investment and Financial Flows to Address Climate Change


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The UNFCCC secretariat has launched a project in 2007 to review existing and planned investment and financial flows in a concerted effort to develop an effective international response, with particular focus on the needs of developing countries. This work was mandated by COP 12 and is to result in inputs to COP 13 (December 2007), for its deliberations on the fourth review of the financial mechanism, and to the fourth workshop on dialogue on long-term cooperative action to address climate change by enhancing implementation of the Convention (August 2007).

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  • Highlight: The global cost of adaptation to climate change is difficult to estimate, largely because climate change adaptation measures will be widespread and heterogeneous. More analysis of the costs of adaptation at the sectoral and regional levels is required to support the development of an effective and appropriate international response to the adverse impacts of climate change.
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