Causes of farmers’ aversion to organic vegetable production in Shyamnagar and Kaligonj Upazilla of Bangladesh


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Agriculture is an ongoing changing field where farmers constantly change production
technology by adopting different updated modern practices. The study explores the
motivating factors influencing farmers to switch to synthetic pesticides dependent on
farming from organic farming methods. The main factors are the lower price of organic
vegetables, pesticide availability, social responsibility and economic considerations. The
most challenging AEZ -13 coastal Satkhira has been taken for this study. The result shows
that farmers who choose to switch give high importance to the production cost, price of
organic vegetables, supply of bio-product, and availability of organic products than the
moral, economic and social concerns.

  • Publication date : 22nd August, 2023
  • Data Collection Period: 1 years
  • Publisher: International Journal of Agricultural Research, Innovation and Technology
  • Website:
  • Author(s): Md. Samiul Alim & Mst. Sharmin Sultana
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