Cultivation of red cabbage in Coastal Shyamnagar and Kaligonj upazilla subsumed by Nowabenki Gonomukhi Foundation


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NGF working to disseminate new technology and new crop in the coastal saline
area. Farmer generally get Aman rice then field become highly saline but using
new climatic resilient technique farmer can cultivate Rabi crop in the specific
area. For increasing production and cropping pattern it is crying need to
introduce new high valued, short durational crop to this area. As a result NGF
demonstrate different new crop in the farmer field. Farmer adopt Red Cabbage
as high valued crop.

  • Publication date : 22nd February, 2023
  • Data Collection Period: 2 years
  • Publisher: International Journal of Scientific Research in Science and Technology
  • Website:
  • Author(s): Md. Samiul Alim
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